About Chairman

Dr. T. Surendranatha Reddy, the enigmatic visionary behind the institution, was born on 12.06.1958.He possesses an analytical mind, an infinite capacity for work, and a knack for human relations. His view of business and perhaps of himself is being put down by him. He isa well-known educationist, an active social worker, an ever encourager and follower of sports and a never tiring philanthropist. He who has a row of degree against his name has mastered every course that come across, a man who always believes in hard work and whose name itself is a synonym for success. According his introspecting statements, “In my humble opinion, business is not merely a matter of attending work for a few hours. It is a matter of thinking, dreaming, imagining and working.”

Dr. T. Surendranatha Reddy established SEICOM with a unique and a dedicated insight of making education even affordable to all the students irrespective of what background they come from, that’s why one could a mixture of a student community at the Institution.

Two things are commonly noticed at SEICOM, one is the mixture of the student community and the second common thing one could easily notice is one man running class after class barefooted throughout the SEICOM premises, Yes, he is the man behind SEICOM and is proudly called by every SEICOMITE as ‘SEICOM SIR’. The man who has given everything for SEICOM and education, when asked Dr. T. Surendranatha Reddy instantly says he is less of a Chairman and more of a lecturer.


From the Chairman’s Desk

SEICOM has a history of setting standards, be it in academics, sports or performing arts.

The College has grown in stature over the years and remains the most sought after institution dedicated to Commerce & Science education in the country.

The College integrates innovative ways of teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities in the pursuit of its vision of building a strong and prosperous nation. This year too, we welcome the brightest to join the SEICOM fraternity to carry forward the legacy of this institution.


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