The Boys Hostel of SEICOM came up with the college itself in 1997 and within the college campus and is an integral part of the College. Hostel affairs are co-ordinated under the guidance and supervision of the resident warden.  It has a rich legacy of academic excellence and responsible community life.

Located near the college main building, it is an affordable, homely and safe accommodation for about 200 students. The hostel has spacious and airy building with well-furnished rooms and well organized dining hall, common room facility. The common room is well equipped with recreational facilities like s, carrom-board, chessboard, newspapers and magazines.

The residents of SEICOM Boys hostel have always demonstrated the ethos of dedication, sincerity and care for other. The hostel inculcates a spirit of co-operation and respect for different cultures in the residents as they come from diverse cultures. As a part of extended family of the college fraternity, SEICOM Boys hostel adds a dimension of vigour and commitment to the academic and extracurricular ambience of the institution. While providing an opportunity of campus living, SEICOM Boys hostel looks forward to residents to shoulder and maintain the best traditions of the college as a whole.


The SEICOM Girls Hostel, established in 2001 is located was located at Maruthi Nagar, adjacent to the college. Hostel affairs are coordinated under the guidance and supervision of the resident warden. The hostel committee under the chairmanship of the Director frames the rules and regulations of the hostel and is the final authority in matters concerning the hostel.

Due to the limited seats, hostel admission has always been a sought-after affair. The fact that admissions are only granted to the meritorious students provides an assurance about the quality. SEICOM Girls’ Hostel aims to provide a convenient and a comfortable stay for the outstation students. Also, it works to minimize the cost in terms of time so that the hostel residents can use the same for other significant purposes. The girls’ hostel also satisfies the vital objective of ensuring safety of girls.