The college has a well-stocked library having nearly 9600 books and regular subscription of journals; magazines and daily newspapers. It caters the needs of the 1000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Library services are fully automated. The Library has reading halls at the first floor. The reading halls accommodate 40 students

The Library is well equipped with all the modern facilities and resources (print and electronic) in the forms of CDROMs, DVD-ROM, video cassettes, books, journals, etc. It has also developed a full-fledged Digital Library equipped with necessary modern equipment in order to provide various digital modes of library services.

To become a member, students should fill and submit a prescribed membership form to the library.


All students of SEICOM, teaching and non-teaching staff members have right to access the College Library. To become a member of library, student should fill a form available with the Library Office. The registered members are issued Library Card corresponding to their entitlement.


Membership Rules

The students and staff members have right to access the library and use it for reading and studying during working hours and days.In case the book, etc. is lost/misplaced by the member he/she has to replace the same with a new one or shall be required to pay the cost of book at current price, if book is available in the market, with a fine of Rs.50/-.In case the same book, etc. is not available in the market and member fails to replace with new one or return the book, etc. the member will be required to pay a penalty equal to five times of the cost of Book, etc. at its last release, if ascertainable or at the actual cost if last release cost is not ascertainable.

Discipline and Decorum in the Library

  1. The user/members shall maintain perfect silence in the library reading halls. Talking loudly, gossiping, chatting, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  2. Running, pushing passing gestures and teasing is strictly prohibited.
  3. Eatables and soft drinks are not allowed in the library.
  4. Marking, underlining, doodling or defacing any Books, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. of the library prohibited.
  5. Carrying any book, published material, or any property of the library outside the library without proper issue or authorization shall be deemed as gross indiscipline.
  6. Defacing, damaging and mishandling the property of the library shall be deemed as gross indiscipline.